In Defense of the Electoral College

March 22, 2019

Richard Epstein explains how the Electoral College has morphed from the Founding Fathers’ intent — but why it is still the best way to pick a president.

Anti-Semitism on the Left

March 15, 2019

Richard Epstein grapples with a new wave of anti-semitism on the left, and explains why progressive notions of ‘tolerance’ often undermine pluralism.

Rent Control, Housing, and Economics

March 7, 2019

Richard Epstein looks at the resurgent popularity of rent control, explains the factors driving high housing prices in some of America’s largest metropolitan areas, and explains the economic, legal, and regulatory possibilities for bringing costs down.

Green Book, Race, and Politics

March 1, 2019
Richard Epstein uses the controversy over Green Book's best picture win to discuss how racial tension in America has become completely unmoored from the reality on the ground.

The Green New Deal

February 14, 2019

Richard Epstein dismantles the Green New Deal’s assertions about climate change, agriculture, labor, diversity, and transportation.

The Rule of Law and Other People’s Money

February 12, 2019

Hoover Institution fellows Richard Epstein and Adam White discuss Senator Elizabeth Warren’s call for an unprecedented “wealth tax,” and the constitutional problems that it raises. They also discuss the Supreme Court’s upcoming case on judicial “deference” to agencies’ legal interpretations (Kisor v. Wilkie).

The New Progressive Agenda

February 7, 2019

Richard Epstein looks at the policy ideas coming from potential Democratic presidential contenders, including a wealth tax, Medicare-for-all, the Green New Deal, a ban on share buybacks, and more.

Harold Demsetz and the Legacy of the Chicago School

January 29, 2019

Richard Epstein commemorates the passing of Harold Demsetz and explains the enduring influence that he and other figures that emerged from the University of Chicago have had on public policy.

Teacher Unions, Strikes, and Public Education

January 24, 2019

Richard Epstein uses the recent strike in the L.A. Unified School District to explain the ways in which teacher unions often impede meaningful education reform.

Emergency Powers and the Presidency

January 10, 2019

Richard Epstein examines legal and historical evidence to determine whether President Trump’s could really build a border wall by declaring a national emergency.